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With our new launch of product tracking and verification technology CheckNow™, not only benefited to the end users but our clients.

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Our Products

We offer both stock and customized security at affordable prices and with responsive delivery times. We offer hologram labels, tamper evident label, security seal which consider complete range.

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Catalogue & Sample

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Genuine Checking

Counterfeiting is a form of fraud that deceives you into buying poor quality and unreliable products by stating otherwise, and offers none of the quality and reliability that comes with a product.

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Packtica Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia's Renown Hologram Labels and Security Stickers Manufacturer

Packtica Sdn. Bhd. manufactures high technology hologram labels and stickers in Malaysia. Packtica extends our complete range of holographic security stickers and tamper proof labels to customers worldwide aside from Malaysia. Our holographic labels and security stickers protect companies and consumers from parallel importer, thefts, counterfeited products or fraudulent documents. Packtica is able to deliver with continuous development for better security and labeling products.

Packtica's hologram labels are commonly used among industries that need tamper protection on packages and products. We have been manufacturing more than 10 million pieces of hologram and security labels to assure the genuinely products. These stickers and labels are used to protect products from external damages or intentional thefts during transportations. Our hologram labels are made from state-of-art holographic printing technologies that are embedded into our labels and stickers. We believe these contribute to the brand reputation of a company.

Packtica offers a complete portfolio of tamper proof labels and hologram labels consisting more than 20 different anti counterfeit solution technologies. These tamper proof stickers are designed for single use only, to be the most innovative solution to duplication and counterfeiting issues. These labels and stickers are designed to be destructive and irreversible for security purposes. Our hologram labels can be manufactured based on custom designs to suit different businesses purposes. We also offer a wide array of general labels and stickers for different products and items. They can be widely used as pharmaceutical stickers, barcode stickers, computer stickers, warranty stickers, electronic stickers etc.

If you are looking for the right Holographic and High Security label supplier, look no further. Packtica is ready to commit with Service, Quality, Technology and Value for Money

Our Holographic and Labels Products

holographic product

Packtica offers hologram labels for different industries. Our hologram labels are manufactured by high quality printing technologies to ensure maximum security with no defections. These hologram security stickers are widely used in Malaysia to protect products and packages from thefts, fraudulent, parallel imports and counterfeits to protect brand reputation.


Packtica offers tamper evidence and stickers to protect products and packages from thefts and damages during transportations. We have almost 20 different solutions in technology to ensure the security of the product. They are designed for single use only. These tamper proof labels are widely used among different industries and businesses.


Packtica offers a wide range of destructive and security seals. These security labels are manufactured with sophisticated printing technologies, which could also be customized by preferences. These security labels are designed to be destructive and the process is non-repairable to ensure maximum security from damages and thefts.


Packtica also manufactures general labels for business and other products. Labels and stickers serve well in communicating product information to consumers upon purchase. These labels and stickers are fully customizable, and widely used as pharmaceutical labels, barcode stickers, food and beverage nutritional labels, FMCG labels and many more.

Our Clients