Packtica Sdn. Bhd. (Packtica) is a Malaysian owned company specializes in providing high technology hologram to our customers based on unique originations. We serve world customer with complete range of Holographic Products and Tamper Evident products to insure company and consumer from parallel importer, theft, counterfeited products and fraudulent documents.

We are able to deliver the most robustness and valuable services to our clients with continuously develop for more upgraded security seals products as well as with the technology of our network of dealers in the main cities of overseas.

We service more than 10 Million pieces holographic and high security label to assure of the genuinely product. The consumer may not pause to remember us, but our satisfied clients do, because we assist our valued clients in many ways to increase their brand equity, customer loyalty, sales and profits, even the consumer to check genuine products over

Packtica offers an entire portfolio of holographic products total more than 20 different anti counterfeit solution technology combine with different others security technology and different range of high security seals and labels and the most innovative and diverse solution to all duplication & counterfeiting problems.

If you are looking for the right Holographic and High Security label supplier, look no further. Packtica is ready to commit with Service, Quality, Technology and Value for Money.

  • Ensure deliver International quality standards.
  • 100% satisfaction to our clients on pricing, services and quality.
  • 100% security and client product information.
  • Most complete Holographic and Tamper Evident product range in the market.
  • State of the art manufacturing facilities under one roof.
  • We have more than 20 types of anti-counterfeit technologies, to ensure and increase the level of security.
  • Our ongoing long-term research & development on anti-counterfeit technology to fulfill the market needs.
  • Our product is fully customizable with high technology supports.
  • Support online products authentication.

Glorify the usage of security labelling to create a world free from imitator and duplicates to insure company and client from theft, counterfeited products and fraudulent documents.

  • Always ensure customer satisfaction on our deliverable items.
  • Satisfy our customers with practical and innovative security technology, superior quality, value and service.
  • Protect client to against the imitator, reduce their product from forgery.
  • To educate our customer glorify the usage of high security labelling.
  • Enhance product image as a genuine and authenticated item.
  • Help client build the confidence of the end consumer.
  • To ensure higher recognitions on return material authorization process
  • Ready commit to delivery product meeting customer expectation.
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