Destructive Label

Destructible label breaks apart into small pieces when removal is attempted, thus providing complete protection to goods against pilferage or tampering..

  • The vinyl label rips into tiny pieces when removal is attempted.
  • Discourage theft of your valuables.
  • Common uses include asset tracking & warranty marking.
  • Optional background colours printed in red, blue, yellow or black
  • Very thin gauge, fragile white vinyl with an extra strong acrylic adhesive is heat, solvent & weather resistant

Security Seal
  • Packtica offers different types of sealing labels that are used for brand protection and prevent tampering of your products.
  • The labels can be printed and / or be holographic.

Warranty Sticker
  • Packtica supplies different types of printed warranty void labels of different sizes and shapes, with special built-in authentication and security features.
  • A wide variety of tamper proof materials are available such as frangible and VOID films.

Custom Made Security Seal
  • Packtica is able to customize based on client's requirements and preferences.
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Packtica Destructive Label
Packtica Destructive Label
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