Counterfeiting is a form of fraud that deceives you into buying poor quality and unreliable products by stating otherwise, and offers none of the quality and reliability that comes with a Product. is helping Seller to avoid things like this happen and totally free for consumer. is an advance platform helps you to identify whether your purchased product is Genuine via our verification platform.

The system shows products information when the registered CheckNow label serial number or QR code labels matches with pre-assigned serial number. It will show the Hologram Picture and product information as below.

What is CheckNow label?

CheckNow label is a combination of anti-counterfeit holographic label with the Quick Reference (QR) code for the product genuine authentication purposes. Each individual label can be precisely trace from Checknow system by the merchant. Reliable data can also be saved for product tracking control purpose. At the same time, individual product identity provides counterfeit protection and eliminates grey market trading. If you are interested in CheckNow label, please kindly contact .

How Does CheckNow label work?

On both customer website and website, the registered CheckNow label has to be pre-registered within our verification platform. Registered CheckNow label will be able to show the genuine hologram and product information anytime anywhere. The requirement is very simple! You just need to have a web browser, QR code authentication scanner software via your Smart Phone to check genuine of the hologram QR code label.

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