It is thin plastic sheeting that includes holographic images printed on it with a laser. A single image is captured from many angles, and all angles are then printed onto the foil. The result is a picture that looks three-dimensional even though it is flat.

Holographic foil usually contains a repeating series of a single, simple image or group of images. In some cases, especially with less expensive foils, the image is indistinct and may appear as a general pattern rather than a specific object. Simple stars, balls or other brightly colored objects may be featured. Complex patterns are not typically used.

Hot stamping / Lamination Foil
Hot stamping

Hot stamping utilizes heat, pressure and time to transfer color from a foil to an object. A photo-etched die is used to bond the adhesive coat of the hot stamping foil to the surface of the object that is to be decorated. It can be applied on a shiny design on paper, vinyl, textiles, wood, hard plastic, leather, and other materials, a brilliance that cannot be duplicated with ink.

Lamination Foil

Lamination foil can be done with effective 2D/3D, Dot-Matrix and E-beam technology. With the repeated logo pattern, it's exquisite hologram for authentication and decoration. This is best use for brand anti-counterfeiting and makes the product more outstanding.

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