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Established in 2010

Established in 2010 and headquartered in Malaysia, Packtica Sdn Bhd started as a security printing company specialized in providing high technology security solutions for businesses such as variable data printings (VDP) as well as online authentication system. What started as a local business with only 2 staff, has today expanded to Thailand, the Philippines , Indonesia and Vietnam.

While delivering robust and valuable solutions to our clients around Southeast Asia, Packtica has never slacked off in executing in-house R&D integrated with advanced technology and new developments from our network of dealers in leading countries around the world on security printing technology.

more than 30 different types of anti-counterfeit labels

We are ready to serve the world with our extensive range of curated solutions to solve and prevent freeloader criminal activities such as counterfeit, price dumping and parallel import. Our portfolio of holographic products consists of more than 30 different types of anti-counterfeit labels combined with various types of printing and anti-counterfeit technology, high security seals, labels, and smart packaging. Lately, we have a new solution, Consumer Insight Cloud ™, which helps to drive our customers’ businesses with a peace of mind. 

Our customisable products and services have high efficiency and can be used by all market segments, especially on product protection & authentication, traceability, stockflow supervision, A&P and to ease business operations.

gaining satisfaction

While gaining satisfaction from our highly valued past and current clients, Packtica has assisted many SMEs in gaining measurable results, increased sales & profit, brand equity, and most importantly, customer loyalty by lowering and solving their business threats.

Today, we are proud to have sold over millions stickers, packaging and have produced more than 100 million pieces of QR code. Packtica believes that everyone in the society is worthy of consuming authentic products.

wider variety of security solutions

With the help of its dedicated employees and a strongly determined Founder, Bryant Kooh, Packtica never ceased to execute in-house R&D integrated with advanced technology and new developments from our network of dealers in leading countries around the world with security printing technology, Variable Data Printing and Data Acquisition Technology. In line with our commitment and sustainability, Packtica aims to grow and level up into the software, IT and big data industry to provide a wider variety of security solutions to all people of Southeast Asia.



To become leading variable data printing company in S.E.A that helps business in digital transformation. 



Reduce client’s business losses and risk, strengthening the sales with our solutions.

Our Four Pillars Culture










Packtica’s commitment in providing anticipated quality products and services with total security has earned the organisation an enviable position and tagged as a highly reliable security printing establishment throughout Malaysia. 


International quality standard products and services


100% secured client product information


State-of-art manufacturing facilities under one roof


Ongoing long-term research & development on anti-counterfeit technology to satisfy market need

Why Packtica?


More than 10 years of industry experience with a vast clientele base throughout SouthEast Asia, advised more than RM1 Billion worth of Products

Affordable Solutions

Our Customer Insight Cloud ™ has already included these functions, one system fits all. Anyhow, we will have different physical consultancy sessions with the business owner to address the possibilities and best solutions.

S.E.A Support

We have local branches in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam. Our experts are able to provide local support if there is a need in providing localised requirements.