Benefits of Adding Security Labels on Your Products

We are living in the world where counterfeiting and brand piracy is keeping up with most products. It is common to see products in the market that resemble each other. If you are a victim of counterfeit, then you know how badly this can hurt your company’s reputation. Counterfeiting and brand piracy may damage your reputation which is a key to a successful business. The good news is that you can take advantage of security labels. These labels are mostly used to protect a brand from theft, fraud or counterfeits. Security labels are gaining popularity across the business sphere owing to their effectiveness. Here are a few benefits of adding a security label on your product.


Increased Vonfidence

We all know how important consumer trust is in any industry. Using a security label on your product will go a long way in assisting with this objective of increasing your company’s brand and reputation. Research shows that those products that have security labels do better in the market compared to products without security seals. Shoppers want to be certain that the product they are purchasing are indeed from their trusted manufacturers and there is no better way of increasing this confidence than adding a security label on your products.


Reduced Shrinkage

Shrinkage is the percentage of loss of products between manufacture and the point of sale which might occur owing to counterfeit. For people who are in the fashion industry, retail shrinkage is a real challenge for them. Research shows that retail shrink is projected to cost more than 2% of retail sales and more than 25% of stores turnover. Security labels can significantly reduce shrinkage; discourage brand piracy, increase sales and profitability.


Reduced Loses

Security labels can lead to a number of successes, although some are not measured in profit margins but in the ability of the company to reduce loses. While a computer printer has the ability to design a compatible security label, a label printer company can make a security label that can stick on the product for a very long time. Their skills, coupled with many years of experience, will ensure that they create comprehensive security label that not only integrate with any brand and packaging, but also help in delivering the level of security business owner’s desire.


Asset Management

In addition to their great security features, business owners can also use security labels for asset management purposes as well as product tracking purposes. A security label may include a barcode, the name of your company or a number for the purpose of asset tracking. Security labels also act as a visual deterrent to prevent the abuse of labeled product, while providing immediate proof of ownership of the item in subject. This may prove particularly useful for rent companies who lease their products to the public.

If you are planning on applying for a security label, you have to make sure the company you employ will create a label that best suits your needs. There are a number of holographic and security label suppliers out there. The key is doing your research thoroughly before you hire any supplier. Otherwise you will receive a label that won’t help.