Lacking a protective storage bag for your precious gadgets and belongings when going outdoor is a problem faced by many travellers years ago. Being an outdoor lover and gadget geek, Jack Lee brought the idea of waterproof bags into Malaysia in 2009. It has then helped many outdoor enthusiasts enjoy their trips without the fear of their belongings getting into water or sand.

Made from premium quality PVC Tarpaulin, these heavy duty yet lightweight ‘dry bags’ are made to protect, float and long lasting. When Hypergear made it to Mount Everest by the extreme hikers, it was one of the best proud moments for Jack as its products were being used to scale one of the biggest challenges on the globe.

Learning that he has to focus on the market centric business model and be innovative to achieve new heights, Jack leaned forward into digitalisation by transforming its business from offline to online. Hypergear Malaysia took around 3 years time to fully adapt to this transformation and float ahead in the sea of e-commerce.

You need a lot of energy to do transformation. However, it’s worth it. Because business is about moving forward to the future. We don’t use traditional or old ways doing future business”
– Jack Lee, Founder of Hypergear Malaysia.

Websites were revamped with payment options where Hypergear lovers could purchase its products directly online and get home delivery without having to visit any physical store. While many physical businesses having zero transactions, Hypergear’s sales performance skyrocketed for 30% during the lockdown of Covid-19 due to the safe and simple purchasing process provided.

Other than that, digitalisation is seen as a fundamental framework for businesses to strive ahead on this technology-centric era. With the internet, a large collection of data could be collected accordingly without the need of physical recording. This largely increases the efficiency of business operations and performance. Product traceability could also be recorded for future business plannings, as well as for accurate marketing purposes.

The CheckNow- an online authentication system, was created to serve these features easing the transformation journey from offline to online for all types of businesses.

Checknow features

Not only has CheckNow made it easy for Hypergear’s team on its business operations, it has also helped its user getting a peace of mind by providing the authentication feature. Both the resellers and users can check the genuinity of the product that they are selling and buying. This provides assurance to the users that their precious belongings and gadgets are truly protected by 100% authentic Hypergear upon use.

Want to know how CheckNow could help with your business? Talk to our professional advisors on how to transform your business with this simple tool!

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