In 2017, 533,875 road accidents were recorded with 6,740 fatalities with 64% involved are motorcyclists. Statistics showed that head injuries were the main cause of death among motorcyclists at 56%, followed by multiple injuries (29%), which may include head injuries. Thus, fatalities among motorcyclists due to head injuries range from 56% to 86%.

With Malaysia motorcyclist’s high rate of road fatalities, surely there is more prevention steps to be taken especially on head injuries and the best safety tool we have is a helmet. A helmet certified by the Malaysian Standards MS1:1996 or MS1:2011 can reduce risks of injuries by 72% and significantly reduce the probability of death by 39%. Certified helmets can be identified with the Standard and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia’s (Sirim) label.

Although the government had introduced regulations on motorcycle helmets in 1973, yet 40 years on, we are recording high numbers of head injuries among motorcyclists. Why?

With such great number of motorcyclists, the sales of helmets is not a small figure too. But, how many of them are actually buying genuine and certified helmets which can truly protect and save a person’s life during an accident?

Did you know? Studies have shown that wearing a helmet can reduce your risk of a serious brain injury and death because during a fall or collision, most of the impact energy is absorbed by the helmet, rather than your head and brain.

Being one of the most popular and widely used helmets by Malaysian motorcyclists, MS Helmets have taken multiple steps to address counterfeit issues in order to give assurance and heighten the safety of motorcyclists.

Quality holographic stickers with an all new design have been labelled onto each new MS 88 helmet for consumers to check its authenticity before purchasing. The new labels has added features for better authentication measures.

Other than the new labels, consumers can also differentiate fake and genuine MS 88 by checking the strap, pins and buttons of the helmet. Genuine MS 88 has the word “MS 88” together with the company logo embroidered perfectly onto the strap while three pins holding the visor has the word “MS”  stamped on it.

Please refer to the below video for visual explanation:

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  • Quality holographic stickers
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