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Smart Packaging

Smart packaging is a trend now. It refers to a packaging or label with unique QR code that is useful to deliver a special new channel that engages with consumers who scans it anytime and anywhere.

This emerging technology increases the accessibility and tracking of information for products and businesses. Consumers are able to find out easily about the company and products they are interested in.

Optimising Data Collection with Smart Packaging on the Customer Data platform.

Product interaction is transformed into new data sources by smart packaging, which connects physical items with digital data online.

Businesses can now utilize smart packaging’s customer data platform to discover more about the consumers, such as spending patterns, preferences, choices of colours, etc. Besides that, they can create an engaging, personalized, and accessible way for consumers to interact with a brand. Smart packaging helps to close the gap between the physical products and digital data on the platform.

Moreover, the data collected can be used to track and trace products expiry date, availability, genuity, etc for better predictive planning, prevention of illegal distribution and tempering as well as just-in-time delivery schedules. Data stored dynamically in a connected packaging platform allows business intelligence to be gathered as products move along the supply chain.

All the data combined enables businesses to gain valuable insights, provide product design inspiration and offer customers entirely new experiences through continuous feedback loops. In today's world, packaging is more than just what surrounds the product. Increasingly, it is becoming an integral part of the product, viewed as the extension of itself.

The information collected and stored on the customer data platform contributes greatly to the product development stage of the business. They allow the businesses to discover the way consumers use their products and gather feedback on the user experiences which help them add value to it and benefit the bottom line.

At Packtica, our clients can use our customer data platform in the form of QR code for data collection purposes. For example, when their customer scans the QR code to sign up as a member or participate in a lucky draw competition, they are filling in their personal details for the particular event instantly, with digital consent. The customer data belongs to the client entirely and Packtica does not store or hold any of the data.

How It Works

Increase Your Customer Relationship with Smart Packaging

Generate unique identity QR Code through out our system, giving an unique tracking experience. Generate Printing Unique QR Code on demand on label / smart packaging via our Variable Printing Data Technology. Print Apply it to every single piece of products, before stock distribution. Apply Dynamic rules in CheckNow™ system use real time context data to determine system experience and content, different QR code can have different experience and display. Such as lucky draw, loyalty point collections and others. Experience System capture data during customer experience, this enables marketers to learn and personalise campaigns to improve future Learn

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Dynamic Content Output

Our cloud system CheckNow™ can handle multiple engagement programs up to your requirements by using the same Unique QR Code identity, simplifying your process to enrich consumer experience.

End to End Connected platform

We specialize in applying intelligence to your product, supplying printed label or smart packaging for your physical execution, and digitise your product.

Scale your business faster from consumer input

We digitise thousands of products, the process helps them to scale and market their product fast with better decision making throughout a unique QR code identity. Leverage the right and proven technology, instead of still waiting for miracles to happen.

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