Unique Identity

Variable Data, Unlimited Potentials

Market Challenges

Packtica expertise is to transform the unique identity of your products. We are able to help your product be unique and stand out from the crowd by using our unique QR code and running serial numbers. Variable Data Printing is a developed printing technology to provide efficiency and unique identity with added value compared to traditional offset printing. This technology can be applied to both labels and packaging. 

This unique printing technique requires no mastering and offers huge customization in terms of multiple background images, unique texts, images, and graphic elements in one go without sacrificing lead time. Fully personalized unique and efficient with lightning speed.

We fully utilized the unique printing technology to provide authentication and traceability features to the mass market. According to Packtica's data trend forecast, the Variable Data Printing technology is projected to have a 500% growth by 2025. This growth goes hand in hand with the e-commerce market boom in Southeast Asia projected to hit a whopping US$157billion according to http://statista.com

Following are some examples of Packtica utilizing Variable Data Printing to provide a unique identity and improve customers' business :




Improve Brand Image By Digital Identity

Packtica has produced more than billions of QR Code via Variable data printing technology, the product such limited edition products, products good value or innovative products can benefit from serialization, and the improved digital authentication of the product’s origin.

Products like health care, supplements, automotive parts or luxury goods are commonly being counterfeit. Product serialization and traceability enables the owner to fight off counterfeiting and improve their brand images.