Documents and certificates produced by education bodies are as important because fake certificates can be used to support illegal immigrants to gain entry into the country, secure employment for those who are not qualified, damage the reputation of a business and more.

Our Strategy

Packtica’s expertise in document fraud prevention, detection and deterrence has assisted various universities, colleges, education parties, authorities and awarding bodies around the world to protect their brand and reputation from frauds. We are currently providing secure certificate printing solutions to the local universities, overseas institutions and government bodies. By using our technology, we try to constantly increase the entry level of documents and certificates from being imitated.

Our Solutions

Packtica offers the below practical solutions:


Holographic hot stamps

Holographic hot stamps with extremely intricate features to prevent duping.


Document paper

Document paper with customisable UV serial number/ fibre for tip top security.



Vouchers being cash equivalent or nonequivalent but consists of commercial values with high security features similar to banknotes.


Disposable seal bags

Cost-efficient disposable seal bags with strong seal and customisable transparency for monitoring and transportation.