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Government documents, Revenue Receipts & Tax Stamps


Documents from the government and authorities are important, sensitive and shall be kept private and confidential at all times. There are times where fraudulent activities happen such as fake documents and document leaks.

Revenue receipts and tax stamps play a key role in many counters to protect the revenues collected from taxpayers. Hence, its authenticity is extremely important to assure both parties, the authority and taxpayers of a genuine transaction.


Our Strategy

Packtica truly understand the need and importance for secured documents especially to government bodies. Our range of security print and material solutions helps prevent all types of fraud on sensitive documents. Our technology offerings complements the physical documents, providing secure data integrity and real-time reporting for legitimate safeguarding. We also provide a number of safe and secure solutions with full audit trails for revenue authorities.

Our solutions

Packtica offers the below practical solutions:


Holographic hot stamps

Holographic hot stamps with extremely intricate features to prevent duping.


Highly sensitive document paper

Highly sensitive document paper with UV serial number/ fibre and hologram hot stamping for tip top security.



Vouchers being cash equivalent or nonequivalent but consists of commercial values with high security features similar to banknotes.


Cost-efficient disposable seal bags

Cost-efficient disposable seal bags with strong seal and customisable transparency for monitoring and transportation.

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