Manufacturer & Logistics


Generally, the trail from manufacturer to consumers go through many channels and involves many people. At times, the security and the delivery time of the goods may be compromised and the culprit is not easy to identify nor catch.

Furthermore, it is also a hassle to implement added steps to further protect the goods by sticking labels or stickers which requires extra labour and time on readily produced goods and products.


Our Strategy

Food, electrical & electronic, health supplements, automotive, medical, military, FMC goods as well as other industries, all require traceability in order to sustain and grow. Tracing components and assemblies with traceability and anti-tampering feature is required to meet the needs of these industries to ensure smooth production and good return. Increase in yield and process efficiency are just two benefits that can largely increase revenue when employing traceability. With our QR code labels and CheckNow system, one can easily identify the stock flow, delivery status and the location of the goods.

Our solutions

Packtica offers the below practical solutions:


Holographic stickers and labels

It can withstand extreme temperature for ultra protection on goods used under high or low temperature and outdoors.


Tamper-evident tapes

It is for extra protection on packaging to prevent and detect unauthorised temper attempts.


Variable data labels

For real-time tracking and tracing of products.



Compact yet user-friendly online authentication platform for business owners to check, track and trace their business products anytime, anywhere.



Hassle-free all-in-one outstanding packaging printed with added features for shorter packaging and labelling process.


Disposable seal bags

Cost-efficient disposable seal bags with strong seal and customisable transparency for one-time usage.

On-line scanning & vision system

For uninterrupted and lightning-fast production on conveyor belts.