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One of the largest problems faced by retail market is being same or less outstanding than your competitors.

Ordinary packaging does more harm than good when there are thousands of products being displayed on the racks of the same aisle. Cheap old packaging not only become the shadows of newer products but also easily being targeted for counterfeits. Also, FMCG businesses requires shorter manufacturer to consumer time and cost efficiency.


Our Strategy

Being the pioneer to have the concept of an online authentication system in Malaysia since year 2013, Packtica is now one of the biggest online authentication platform providers that enable consumers to verify the authenticity of products in retail sector. Security labels embedded with QR codes is a powerful unique method to differentiate and secure products from being copied. We are professional in providing product authentication solutions crafted according to retail requirements that protects brand reputation and enhance product security.

We provide total solutions according to types of products, leveraging on packaging’s attractiveness, added features, security, traceability, and more.

Our solutions

Packtica offers the below practical solutions:


Holographic stickers and labels

For added care and feature to your existing packaging.


Tamper-evident labels

For extra protection on valuable packaging to prevent and detect unauthorised temper attempts.


Variable data labels

For enhanced security, traceability and data collection.



Compact yet user-friendly online authentication platform for business owners to check, track and trace their business products anytime, anywhere.



Hassle-free all-in-one outstanding packaging printed with added features such as QR code for better product protection and counterfeit prevention.

Seal Bag_1

Disposable seal bags

With strong seal and customisable transparency for one-time usage.

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