Smart Packaging

Not just your regular packaging, but also a smart communication tool


The power of packaging is unveiled when it is leveraged as an influential brand-owned media channel. It does not only grab attention but leave deep impressions through a unique mixture of colors and recognizable logos. It is truly a brand-created experience that can add value to the product and impact the consumer's perspective towards the brand.

With the added capabilities of the new emerging technologies, smart packaging is gaining high demand from brands. It consists of three different subsets:

Smart packaging connects you with your customers


Active Packaging

Has reactive elements that may be mechanical or chemical but does not necessarily include digital or computational elements. For example, A beverage can that changes color according to the temperature of the liquid inside.


Intelligent Packaging

Includes interactivity based on electronics, possibly including digital, computational elements, sensors, and display.


Connected Packaging

Links to the cloud to leverage extensive data processing, tracking, social, content delivery, and commercial capabilities. It’s part of the Internet of Things. For example, when a connected box of dog food starts getting empty, it can automatically order a refill.

How Does It Work


Step 1

Packaging + Typo: Variable Printing + QR Code = Smart Packaging


Step 2

Many Smart Packaging Compile Many Data


Step 3

Data compiled >> Show positive result


Smart Packaging Solution in Malaysia

Smart packaging extends beyond the traditional functionality of a Product Packaging Malaysia to offer more value to both consumers and producers. More than just packaging printing, it could incorporate QR codes that help you track stock flow, collect consumer data to form a database, and solve price dumping as well as counterfeit issues as a QR Code Solutions Malaysia supplier.

Besides that, QR code packaging allows consumers to learn more about a brand and the products they are using or purchasing as well as engage with a brand. Smart packaging technology can also be used as a security packaging, for example void tape and void sticker, to ensure the products it is holding has not been tampered with.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is packaging considered a powerful brand medium in Malaysia?

The packaging does more than merely safeguard goods. It's a powerful channel for marketers to reach people in Malaysia. Packaging may attract attention and leave an impression by combining colour, patterns, and recognisable trademarks. This distinctive brand experience is a key component of market branding since it not only enhances the value of the product but also affects how customers perceive the brand.

2. How are emerging technologies shaping the packaging landscape in Malaysia?

Malaysia has adopted the idea of smart packaging thanks to new technology. The capabilities of this sophisticated type of packaging go beyond what is often expected. It may be categorised into three groups: connected, intelligent, and active packaging. These feature electrical interactivity, are capable of responding to environmental changes, and can even link to the cloud for numerous purposes.

3. What benefits do Smart QR codes bring to packaging in Malaysia?

There are several benefits to using Smart QR codes on packaging in Malaysia for both businesses and customers. Businesses may use Smart QR codes to manage inventory, acquire customer data, and stop counterfeiting. These codes provide consumers with an interactive way to learn more about the company and the goods they're buying, as well as a guarantee of the security of the item.

4. How does smart packaging enhance product security in Malaysia?

In comparison to conventional packaging techniques, smart packaging delivers improved security measures. Businesses may more successfully handle worries about counterfeiting with components like Smart QR codes. The technology used in packing in Malaysia, such as void tape and void stickers, ensures that the items haven't been tampered with, giving customers more assurance about their purchases.