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What is a tamper-evident label ?

A tamper-evident label is a type of label that alerts the consumer of product foul plays, tampering and damages. When a tamper-evident label or tamper evident stickers are triggered by attempted removal or manipulation, it leaves the evidence of such actions. These alerts consumers that the product has been tampered and may not be safe for use or consumption.

Why use tamper evident labels and tapes?

Tamper-evident labels, tapes, and tamper proof stickers are used to add security to boxes, envelopes, pallets, crates and bags. These tamper evident stickers security technologies offer clear evidence of tampering, where it leaves wording or marks on the package itself upon removal.

On the other hand, Security Seal Malaysia play an essential role to protect your valuable things. These Security Seal Malaysia can visually identify if a seal, container, package or enclosure has been opened.

Tamper Evident Types


Full Transfer - Special Formulation

Special glue formulation and production process made this type of Tamper Safe Stickers with extra good effect upon tampering. It is widely used by people who want to amplify the effect of tampering and also to stand out from the ordinary stock in the market. 

These Tamper Safe Stickers may look the same but it is extremely difficult to recover once being tampered or removed.


High Residue

Hidden Message Security Tape creates security hidden message/pattern with full residue left on the application surface when removal is attempted.


Low Residue

Security hidden message/pattern with partial residue left on the application surface when removal is attempted. For this type of partial transfer Void Sticker, the red portion of the sticker can be removed but the words will still remain on the packaging when tempered.


Non Residue

You can provide security hidden message/pattern without residue left on the application surface when removal is attempted with the help of Hidden Message Security Tape.

Other Types of Tamper Evident Products


Tamper Evident Void Tape

Upon removal of the security tape seal, it will show tamper evidence by leaving words or symbols both on the package and the void tape itself. Start using our security tape seal for packaging that instantly indicates tampering or manipulation attempts on individual packages, bundles or entire transport units effortlessly.


Tamper Evident Bag

Security Bags are used to secure documents, personal belongings, cash, tax free items and other valuables. The security bags are usually designed to be transparent for enforcers to view the contents upon security checks.

Upon opening the security bags through its seals, it will leave wordings or symbols on both the opening flap and body as evidence of tampering. These bags are for one-time use.

Tamper Proof Stickers

Other than these, we are the leading Custom Tamper Evident Tape Suppliers that also supply tamper proof stickers or Void Sticker that are transparent. The target users are the third-party logistics who are using tamper proof stickers or Void Sticker for securing seal management to protect their client’s data. 

Sticker Warranty

Packtica is one of the best Custom Tamper Evident Tape Suppliers that also provides sticker warranty that could be used on the packaging box to inform users that warranty is available for a particular product.