Variable Data Printing



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At Packtica, we believe that the new printing technology- Variable Data Printing (VDP) can help pave more opportunities for your business. We transform the uniqueness and power of design into tools that simplify communication, elevate user experience and increase customer engagement. We are ready to hear and learn from you, together we make your product better with improved customer experience and constant engagement.

How does Unique Design and Identity help improve Customer Engagement?


Customisation and Uniqueness

Enables each product to have its own identity and speciality without compromising on security and printing time. Write special messages to different types of audiences to create that personal touch


Cost Saving

It helps to save cost for short-run jobs with 10X faster printing speed. It does not require different mouldings for each design print when you have a standardized set of data for easy selection and printing.



It helps to enhance and support the marketing campaign. There is no denying that marketing is a big part of businesses nowadays. A good marketing campaign should include both online and print components to achieve



One of the best advantages of using Variable Data Stickers printing is the opportunity to track the location of your goods through consumers scanning the QR codes on your products. Not only do you get to know your group of buyers but also the potential location of your next store.

What is variable data printing (VDP)?

Variable data printing (also known as variable imaging or variable information printing) is a type of digital printing. Its ability for mass customization in a single print run creates a personalized experience for a group or individual customers. It makes a design more flexible, where the texts, images, and graphics can be changed as needed, without causing any disruption to the printing process.

Packtica is able to provide different colours and designs for the Variable Data Printing Packaging Solution at the same time, based on our client’s requirement. You can also customize the Variable Data Printing Boxes as per your needs. 

In the packaging business, Variable Data Printing (VDP) is very useful. Here are some use cases:

  • Personalization- Enables brands to create tailored packaging for individual customers or segments.
  • Unique Codes- Each package can feature distinct Smart QR codes or barcodes for promotions or information.
  • Enhanced Consumer Experience- Products feel more individualized, strengthening consumer-brand interactions.
  • Tracking- Facilitates tracking throughout the supply chain by using unique identifiers on each package.
  • Authentication- Helps combat counterfeiting by embedding distinct markers or codes on packages, ensuring product authenticity.
  • Supply Chain Transparency- Each package can provide information about its origin, path through the supply chain, and destination.
  • Efficient Printing- Allows for customization without slowing down or halting the printing process.
  • Targeted Promotions- Specific offers or messages can be printed for certain customers or regions, maximizing the impact of marketing efforts.

How does variable data printing (VDP)? complement the QR code system?

With Variable Data Stickers printing, the product QR code can be tailored to meet the unique preference or need of an individual.

Being one of the leading Variable Data Printing (VDP) Solutions in Malaysia, our QR code system can support a few campaigns at the same time. Clients can access our platform to check on their customers' data and plan their marketing campaigns like surveys and lucky draws.

They can also utilize our QR code stickers to provide product information to end consumers, such as the country of origin of the product, expiry date etc. The same can be achieved through QR code printing on products with Variable Data Printing (VDP) Packaging Solution. We are also highly experienced in creating Variable Data Printing (VDP) Boxes suitable for all packaging.

Contact us today for more information on QR code stickers and QR code printing; we can customize the Variable Data Printing (VDP) Solutions to suit your needs.