LPM Support X Institut Sukan Negara Malaysia

LPM Support X Institut Sukan Negara Malaysia

Officiation of collaboration ceremony on 3rd of October 2019 @ Dewan KBS

Firstly, Packtica would like to congratulate SJC Solex Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd (SJC Solex Corporation) for the successful officiation of collaboration ceremony between LPM Support and Institut Sukan Negara Malaysia. 

We would also like to thank SJC Solex Corporation for inviting and giving us an opportunity to introduce and share the implementation of our QR holographic labels on each of LPM Support’s product during the ceremony event.

Being given the trade to assist LPM Support’s products in preventing and deterring counterfeits through our carefully curated holographic label is also a great pleasure.

SJC Solex Corporation’s establishment in year 1994, LPM Support has been one of the world’s largest and fastest growing manufacturers and distributors of orthopedic equipment. Their goal is to design manufacture and market technically advanced products for injury prevention, injury treatment and performance enhancement.

Considering LPM Support’s products may play a great role in preventing or treating injuries, it is important for the product to be genuine as it might affect the person’s health and physical support upon usage. A compromised or fake orthopedic equipment may not only lost its effect on treating an injury but it might further damage the injury.

Hence, Packtica has offered our range of QR code holographic labels to prevent counterfeits, enhance consumer buying experience and provide better assurance for buyers. With our QR code holographic labels, LPM Support consumers can now scan & check its products by simply scanning the QR code labelled on each packaging to verify the genuinity of the product.

Consumers can now move with confidence!