What Is Variable Data Printing (VDP) & Why It Is Important For Your Business's Growth

What Is Variable Data Printing (VDP) & Why It Is Important For Your Business's Growth

While it is not a surprise anymore to receive mailers or brochures with your name printed on it, many people are still awed by seeing their names on jars of Nutella and bottles of Coke. And that personalisation campaign have boosted 7% increase in sales for Coca-Cola in 2011. According to the Variable Data Printing Labels Market Growth report, it has also earned more than 18 million media impressions, an amazing increase of 870% on its Facebook site, with page ‘likes’ growing by 39%.


The core power of VDP (also known as VDP Digital Imaging)

  • Giving each of your products a unique digital identity may be the best benefit of VDP
    While VDP enables each and every packaging a unique design/ QR code, in another terms is that each of your products has its own identity. With a running or random serial number with QR codes printed onto each packaging, products tracking & tracing can be easily done. Supply chain analytics enables business owners to understand and arrange the lifecycle of their products, supervising the quantity of products for each agent/ resellers to control stock distribution and also curb price dumping issues.
  • Increasing consumer engagement to drive better sales
    On the other hand, with QR codes that are accessible to mass consumers, the QR code could be used to lead consumers to other platforms such as webpages & social media sites, download an app, dial your contact number and view your business location. The longer and more consumer engagement could be better for your business to increase exposure, understanding, communication and most importantly, sales. Other than being able to share additional information, QR codes could also become the point of interaction for consumers to enhance customer experience through gimmicky digital advertisements such as Jack Ma’s special message in a bottle.
  • Consumer’s knowledge on genuine products as important as
    When it comes to branded and popular products, counterfeit is not an unusual word. It is easy for you as the brand owner to get know of and differentiate between the real and fake thing, but how would your consumers know? Many of your consumers may not even know there are fake products circulating in the Variable Data Printing Labels Market Growth before they find the products faulty or harmful. By then, your brand’s reputation will be tarnished and recovery will be difficult. So, take actions before they hit your products and brand. There are small start to prevent counterfeits such as special security labels or stickers for added protection. Providing QR codes for your consumers to scan and check is even better to largely increase their trust and confidence with you.

Design variations by VDP

  • Product differentiation that connects with consumers on a personal level
    Looking back at the Coca-Cola’s ‘Share a Coke’ campaign, ever wondered how long did they took to print all different names on the individual bottles? Much shorter than you can imagined, all thanks to the latest VDP Digital Imaging printing technology; variable data printing. With VDP, an excel sheet containing thousands of different data could then be printed out onto individual packaging as fast as 3450 multi-coloured and design sheets per hour. That might be faster than your ordinary offset printer
  • The new hit in packaging: Diversity

While you might think that fancy coloured and designed packaging are difficult to sustain and you may think that your designer might run out of ideas in designing them. The answer is: NO. But what is VDP? VDP has set the digital printing bar high by enabling random or different designs to be printed onto each packaging for a unique experience as per the Variable Data Printing Labels Market Trends. With mosaic, we use one seed pattern or file that is automatically randomised to print different designs onto each packaging. How so? Rotating, transposing and zooming the colours and patterns of that file helps to create unique individual designs.

Partner with a digital printer for your amazing VDP project

Variable data printing or VDP Digital Imaging are only available through digital printers that offers the prestigious technology. At Packtica, our clients get to enjoy all of the solutions VDP has to offer with a low minimum order and fast turnaround time. This enables you to be more reactive to Variable Data Printing Labels Market Trends, create amazing engagement and packaging for your consumers. Talk to us now to see how you can have the best packaging with optimum functionality for your beloved products and valuable consumers.