Secure Your Package With These Efficient Security Seals And Labels

Logistics of goods and services across borders or within a particular territory demands proper sealing to avoid unscrupulous or fraudulent activities. There are numerous options available to businesses in the category of security seals and labels. Some of the common options are listed below:


2D Hologram Labels

These are the most common types of hologram labels used by traders all around the world. They contain an image or text of the business party involved in the transfer of goods. Images are given with different colors and position on the surface to which the seal or label is pasted. On tilting the hologram to the highest level of brightness, different patterns and images combine to form a genuine logo, which is the symbol of authenticity. Therefore, these labels can be used to protect the brand image of a company.


3D Hologram Labels

Multiple 2D holographic layers are arranged in a pattern so that the visual depth of the overall 3D hologram gets enhancements to produce a brighter and shinier surface. The security feature of 3D holograms is non-objectionable because of the genuine of the image or text embedded in the hologram. It is tamper proof; and provides top level security to a product. These days, 3D holograms have become more common owing to their additional security features.


Dot Matrix Hologram Labels

A scattered pattern of dots or a well-defined group of laser beam embedded dots on hologram labels represent a high level security feature for the hidden text in between these tiny dots. The matrix structure creates a secretive layer of text, which can be viewed in different depths at a high brightness level. And tampering is certainly impossible in dotted holograms.


Holographic Seal Tape

If anyone attempts to open or scratch this seal tape, he will be caught because the tape leaves behind a hologram imprint on the surface. These tapes can be used for sealing envelopes, cartons, and parcels at a highest level of security in government, defense, and industrial transactions. Likewise, these security seals can be customized according to the requirements for an effective brand and image protection.


Destructive Labels

When someone attempts to remove a label from the surface for stealing and identity theft purpose, destructive labels break down on its own to indicate that some fraudulent activity has been carried out. These labels are made from a fragile material called vinyl; and they are pasted on the surface with the help of an acrylic adhesive, which is both strong and thin. Usually, fraudsters try to steal the valuable assets or alter the warranty marks. In such cases, destructive labels come handy.


Tamper Evident Seal Tape

This seal tape leaves behind the words and symbols engraved on it to the surface from where tape removal has been attempted. Some large packages and transport units can be protected from manipulation and tampering with the help of this high security level seal tape. Tamper evident security seals tape can be used only once. Additionally, the hidden security messages and patterns can be customized according to the requirements of a client.